Get Your Business in Front of Your Targeted Customers

Generate High Quality Leads Using Hyper Targeted Ad Campaigns Across Google, Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube

Google search and Social Media platforms are where your clients spend their lives today. It has become a mandatory marketing strategy for business growth & market leadership.
Our team consists of tech experts who specialize in targeting audiences who are in the shopping cycle in your services. We target them and help you multiply your customers and reach your business quotas.

Sniper Focused Ad Campaigns will help you:

Multiply Your Reach/Sales

We will create PPC campaigns that are customized to the behavior of your current customer base and Improve your ROI and boost the effectiveness of your PPC.

Reach Your Target Audience

We will understand your business’ KPIs and decide on
your ad spend carefully while maintaining lead and revenue

Accelerate Your Business Growth

We will continuously optimize and evaluate your ad campaigns. Ads need constant creativity and analysis to ensure optimal ROI and brand freshness. This is the most fun part!

Types of Digital Advertising Services you implement for your business:

Google Ads

A well strategically optimized PPC campaign. We will get your business ahead of the competition through greater reach and cheaper cost per clicks based on latest tech advances and research.

We woset up first steps into the world of Paid Search for clients with no previous experience. We also take over existing campaigns to enhance performance and generate a better ROI.
Google Ad words is a complex science, you can do it yourself and end up in a different town or state with your keywords. You can also end up on page 4 or 5 where your ad is not being seen by the hot new client.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Paid social media advertising has eclipsed all other methods combined. This are the most under priced platforms on the marketing market. More importantly now they are most effective.

Modern consumers are particular and oddly adept at sniffing out brands that are not being genuine. We craft content that speaks the language of your customer base, building trust and earning clicks along the way by adopting a well – defined comprehensive social media strategy:
  • Comprehensive Audit
  • Custom Social Media Strategies
  • Audience Demographics
  • Branded Content Creation
  • Daily Optimization & Target Funneling
  • Analytics with Retargeting
  • Behavioral Retargeting

LinkedIn Ads

Business to Business advertising.

If you are looking for B2B leads, LinkedIn is the leader in lead generation for businesses looking to sell to other businesses. We connect your brand with passionate professionals who are looking for more leads and better brand awareness.
LinkedIn is both is the best recruitment tool for growing businesses and the leader in professional interaction. We build hyper targeted outreach and marketing campaigns for you to reach any professional audience you are looking to do more business with.

What Clients say about us – Testimonials

Our business was kind of stuck. The only new clients we were getting were word of mouth. We shot video for our business, they took over all of our social media platforms and completely rebranded us. Then they started with an ad campaign that is literally driving new leads to our business daily. They just started using youtubeads for us also and we are basically all over the internet. We have referred a few of our business owner friends to them because they have done such an awesome job for us. Highly recommend!

Raquel R. CarterBusiness Owner

I hired Nick and his team to help me with a re branding project of my two dealerships in New Jersey. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable and devoted all the attention that my business needed. Bottom line is after 2 months of working and finalizing my re brand my business has increased gross sales volume by 20 percent. This was my first time hiring a marketing agency and they exceeded all my expectations. They are still running my social media platforms and marketing campaigns. First class service and attention.

Louis L. KnoppBusiness Owner

Advertising our business was definitely not our strong part of our business, we had a steady flow of patients from all of the years our practice has been open, but we had time and staff who could handle more patients and in the last three months Nick and his team has delivered. We have had an average of 15 new patients coming in and honestly we really didn't have new patients coming for quite a while. We love Google analytics by the way too so informative.

Juan A. PakBusiness Owner

Wow these guys are just tech experts and really are pushing the envelope. Great ideas and they get the job done fast. First day they are sending me action plans and strategies to get us more customers. Great communication. They act like its their personal business that they are taking to the next level.

Angela V. HallBusiness Owner

Video production, they created awesome promotional video for my business that runs on the first page of my website, they launched a YouTube channel, have grown my Instagram presence daily and are developing my brand story daily. We are implementing aggressive marketing plan targeting our local audience also. Very professional team, have been available to speak and answer any questions whenever I need them.

William J. AdamsBusiness Owner