Our Team

Our favorite team. We are very pleased to meet you. We will always be happy to work with you. We love our work and always respect our projects and your opinion.


Discussion of web design and project promotion with you. We come to a common vision and tasks. We sign a contract.

Internal Discussion

We are discussing the assigned tasks with the project managers. Who is responsible for what and what time frame.

We give to work

We scatter design, market analysis and promotion in all directions.

Come Meet Us Up Close

Each of our team members devoted himself to creating a project. We can’t do much physically, but we do everything with quality and love.

Russel Morgan


Alex P.

PPC Marketing

Andre R.

Project Manager

Alex F.

Content Marketing

Kosty S.

Local Marketing

Kate S.


Mari P.

Social Marketing

Tanya B.

Post Blogger

Lana I.