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Social Media Marketing for Cosmetics Dentist

Facebook Ads Made Easy for Dental Practices

You’ve heard it before, “your business should be on Facebook”.

As as a business owner, I’m sure you’ve gone the whole 9 yards by creating a Facebook business page, posting daily or more likely weekly, only to see little to no results in regards to new clients.

Maybe you’re thinking “We tried Facebook and got little from it”, or, “it was a waste of money and it didn’t work”.

Well I’m here to show you how Facebook worked for one of our dental clients and how it can work for your business as well.

Over 1.71 BILLION Active Users

Building Trust & Credibility

New Patient Appointments

Hundred of Dollars Earned

need to make a personal connection with your audience!

Media Solutions

Know Your Audience

Dentistry looks a little different for everyone. Each office is able to choose what the best services are to provide for their patients.

Depending on what services your office prefers will change what the target group of patients will be. Even though this category can be broad or very specific Facebook has a lot of great options to help you find your next patient.

Using data from Facebook to tailor campaigns toward designated target group we will reach more people who are genuinely interested in your service.

Social media is a hot spot for advertisements. Everyone uses it and a great advertisement can be shared many times.


Not just simple, organic promotions. We measure results with Likes, Post Reaction, Web Traffic & Lead Generation!

Facebook Page Likes

Facebook fans are “warm” leads. These are people who—quite literally—like your company. They might have bought from you in the past or they’re thinking about purchasing from you, or they like the message that you’re putting out there into the universe.

The point is, they’ve crossed the threshold and are standing in your home. They like you. These are the folks who are most likely to take advantage of a sale or promotion you have going on.

There are several reason why Facebook likes are so important. The first reason is that businesses have the valuable opportunity to interact with their customer base.

Therefore, they are going to be more likely to draw in even more customers to the business and keep existing customers happy. It is very important that a business stay very well connected with their customers to let them know what is going on within the business.

Facebook Post Reach & Engagement

The reason why high engagement holds an important place in Facebook marketing is mainly because it helps you reach out to your target audience organically, without spending on paid ads.

This can obviously help you achieve your business and marketing goals such as driving more traffic, generating quality leads, and increasing sales.

The engagement can be either a like or share or a comment. Also, there are many more reasons to say why engagement is important. A high engagement rate means that the potential reach of your brand is much greater. When people engage with your posts, you will reach a wider audience and attract new potential customers.

Creating engaging posts is one of the best ways to ensure that your posts reach the highest number of people.

Website Traffic

On a whole, seeing how many people are visiting your website every month will give you an overall idea of whether or not your marketing is working. If you have the same web traffic every month, then it means your marketing efforts are having no impact. If your web traffic is increasing every month, it means that your marketing efforts are working. When you know who your site visitors are by their age, gender, geographic location, interest topics, etc., you can take proper measures to enhance their user experience. Similarly, when you learn about the technology (device, operating system, and browsers) they’re using to browse your site, you can test your site’s compatibility with those technologies and make necessary improvements.

FB & IG Video Viewes

Currently, Facebook videos are among the most cost effective types of social advertising. Facebook is trying to trump YouTube as the video king, which is why they’ve made video ads so affordable on their platform. Gavin believes that video continues to grow because it’s the most natural way of communication. People inherently crave the human connection of seeing a face, eyes, and a moving mouth. Video is perfect for building trust, because potential customers can see your face, which adds a human intimacy not possible in other mediums. Through video, the consumer can get a grasp on your personality and start to feel like they know you


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Maximize Your ROI

With monthly investment of $2.000 get up to 1500% more ROI

Track Every Action

Without proper tracking, you won’t know if you’re getting any reward for your efforts

Building Brand Awareness

Let people to know about your brand in your local area

Building Brand Awareness

You can also show your successes