Marketing is pivotal to the growth and development of any business. Adopting a marketing technique for your business can help boost your visibility. When you become more visible to potential clients, there exist a huge tendency that your products or services will be sought-after or considered. If you fail to publicize your business, no one will know that it exists.

Social marketing including other types of marketing strategy such as PPC, organic marketing, social media marketing, content marketing etc., aims to create a healthy rapport with customers so as to build trust and retain their loyalty.

Few years back, before digital technology was introduced, business owners used traditional marketing to publicize their business and practice. Then, traditional marketing was the only available and effective marketing tactic. There was also the word-of-mouth marketing but it wasn’t as effective as the use of TV adverts, newspaper adverts, radio adverts to promulgate ones business. As soon as the world became digitalized and digital marketing was introduced, traditional marketing began to lose its prominence. Currently, the most effective marketing technique that exist make use of digital tech.

For a business to succeed and become prominent, it must adopt a good marketing strategy. An effective marketing strategy would attract more customers to a certain business, it would also make it stand out among its fierce competitors.

Just like other industries, the legal services industry is crammed with lots of competition. Thus, as an attorney who wants to make headway, you need to adopt a marketing that can raise brand awareness and promote what you do. Failure to do so will result in your business being hidden in the shadow of your powerful competitors.


Social marketing is a new marketing tool and can benefit any business if properly utilized. This marketing strategy is quite different from other marketing strategy. Its aim and tactics are different from strategies such as PPC, organic marketing, social media marketing and the likes. So, what makes this marketing tactic different from others?

First, let’s take a look at the aim of social marketing. The aim of this strategy is not to make profit but to stimulate social change in a community that is crammed with individual who exhibit a plethora of bad habits. For instance, this habit could be smoking in public areas, failure to use sit belts when driving, or any habit that could be one that endangers the life of individuals or one that puts the society of community at a certain risk.  

Other marketing strategies adopted by business around the globe aims to increase sales by raising brand awareness but social marketing has diverse objectives and that is why it is often utilized by non-profit organizations.


This type of marketing adopts a customer-oriented approach, and uses the tools and ideas utilized by commercial marketers to implement social goals like anti-drug campaigns including fund raising for non-government organizations.

Social marketing adopts a tactics that helps implement social change, not to the direct benefit of a business or an organization like commercial marketing. This doesn’t denote that commercial marketers can’t contribute to the achievement of social good.

With the aid of traditional marketing methods, this strategy helps in increasing the awareness with regards a particular issue or case, with the goal of convincing an audience to drop their unhealthy behavior.

Social media marketing can be used to promote your law firm or practice but you have to understand that for it to well for you, it must be well implemented. This type of marketing also help  businesses including websites to gain prominence over the internet with the aid of diverse social media available, like video, photo, blogs, sharing sites, etc.


As an attorney residing in New Jersey, you can start a charity campaign in your community. Ensure that this campaign is one that encourages social change. This is a good way to give back to your community while also making your law firm or practice prominent.

 Several law firms do this and it has helped them attract customers. Rather than making use of the common marketing strategies which some people find boring, you can adopt something as unique and new as social marketing.