Social marketing as a strategy which doctors can employ

Social marketing is a strategy that was birthed out of the growing need for people to be told about how their actions and behavior can either harm or benefit them. Just as marketers inform the public about the goods and services they render, people also need to be made aware of what they can do or not do in order to protect themselves and others from harm. This is what social marketing is all about.

Social marketing defined

Social marketing is a strategic approach towards influencing (changing or maintaining) the behavior of people for their own benefit and that of the society at large.

Examples of social marketing

A TV commercial portraying the harmful effects of hard drugs and advising the audience to stop or avoid drug abuse is a perfect example of social marketing. Another example is a campaign for people to stop polluting the environment by limiting burning of fossil fuels, soliciting to the public to take care of the homeless kids, involve in charity donations, and stop child trafficking. All these actions are all for the good of the society.

The goal of social marketing

Social marketing serves to benefit the society through behavioral change. The goal is not to advertise a product or tell the public about your brand. Social marketing is never about the marketer but social good.

Social marketing seeks to draw the emotions of the audience

To influence a person to change, one must seek to reach into the depths of the person’s emotions by presenting the whole idea in a dramatic, engaging, educating yet entertaining style. This is why TV visuals are often used. For example, a social marketing campaign aimed at encouraging donations to charity can be a TV visual beginning with a child begging for food. Such scenarios capture the attention of the audience, appeals to their conscience and emotions, before telling them what to do.

Who is social marketing for?

Social marketing is mostly carried out by organizations whose business is about caring for the needs or safety of the society. Such bodies may include:

  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Fire-fighting services
  • Road-safety agencies
  • Food/Drug agencies
  • Health/Medical departments
  • Etc.

Social marketing for doctors NJ

Doctors in NJ can get involved in social marketing to promote the health and lifestyle of New Jersey residents. By reason of their vast knowledge in health medicine, doctors can serve to promote social good by showing the public what they can do to maintain and improve their lifestyle.

Social marketing techniques for doctors

The “4 Ps” concept of commercial marketing is employed also in a social marketing strategy. The 4 Ps are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. In addition to these, social marketing includes a 5th P — Policy.

  1. Product: This is the idea or behavioral change which the social marketing campaign seeks to market. Doctors can carry out a social marketing campaign soliciting NJ residents to, at all times, observe personal hygiene. Here, the product is personal hygiene. But this product must be presented in a captivating and dramatic style in order to engage the audience.
  2. Price: The price in social marketing is not monetary. Here, price refers to the barriers to the change. What are those things likely to hinder the audience from effecting the change? What are those things likely to hinder drug addicts from quitting drugs, the public from frequently eating hot food from plastics, or visiting the clinic for periodical check-ups? Then the doctor must find out ways to mitigate these barriers such that they are outweighed by the benefits of the change.
  3. Place: The place refers to the point or location at which the audience will be reached or accessed. It also includes the methods and efforts made by the marketer in order to reach out to the audience.
  4. Promotion: The platforms or media used in transmitting the message are termed the promotional devices. The Message can be sent through emails, seminars, or the mass media.
  5. Policy: These are material or immaterial devices put in place to encourage the audience to make the desired change. These policies are never punitive.

Social Marketing experts NJ

As a professional legal marketing firm in NJ, we offer assistance to organizations, doctors and other professionals in the mapping out and implementation of a social marketing strategy designed specifically for the target audience. We understand the dynamics of the society, and so we carry out updated and in depth research to know what works best for your firm, your motive (product), and your target audience.

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