Dentists and PPC Marketing

PPC, which is also referred to as pay-per-click, is a type of paid advert that requires you to pay a certain amount of money to host whenever someone clicks on your advert. It is that easy. Someone clicks on your advert, you pay the host. If all goes well, the lead may become a paying customer but if all doesn’t go well, the individual may simply click in your ad, read it ( or not) and leave.

For example, if you pay the host $5 per click, 20 clicks at $5 may land you a client who would book your service for $1,500. That’s a huge gain for you!

If you choose to adopt a tactic such as the organic marketing strategy, it may cost you less amount of money-of course-but it may as well take you months or years to appear on the first page of search engine when certain keywords related to your niche is searched. This makes PPC the best strategy if you are in search of quick results.

This doesn’t mean that organic marketing can’t promulgate your business; in fact, organic marketing is as effective as pay-per-click, the only issue with this type of marketing strategy is that it takes time and requires lots of efforts and commitment to provide the desired results. 


Digital marketing, or marketing in general, is quite effective in luring clients to your business. Just like other things, marketing evolves and has been around for a very long period of time. Many years back, most business owners adopted the use of traditional marketing to promulgate their businesses. TV adverts, radio adverts, newspaper adverts and the likes were all used to promote products and services in a bid to attract new customers. The advent of digital marketing pushed traditional marketing into oblivion (though businesses still adopt it).

Digital marketing has provided business owners with the best way to attract customers. This type of marketing can target a specific range of customer based on factors such as age, location, etc. It is quite effective and has helped business owners grow their business.

Most dentists lack proper knowledge of marketing. They weren’t taught that in school so it’s quite understandable. The few who are aware of the key role marketing plays in the growth of their business, lack the time to implement the strategy.

Handling the marketing aspects of your business can be a hassle if you lack the knowledge and expertise, or if you are busy with other things. You can always contact a marketing expert if you fall under such category. With the right amount of money, you should have the best marketing strategy in place and enjoy the benefits thereof.

As a Dentist, should you adopt the PPC Marketing strategy?

As a Dentist operating in the city of New York, PPC marketing can help you convert leads into paying customers. Many individuals make use of search engines like Google including other search engines to get the best solution for their oral issues, and the top three spots in search engine results are often reserved for pay-per-click advertisements.  This denotes that, you can promulgate your business and draw patients to your dental clinic easily with PPC.

You will be missing out of huge opportunity if you decide not to leverage on this marketing tactic to promote your practice.

If peradventure you make use of organic SEO, and you don’t seem to be making progress, then PPC is the best way to boost traffic on your site. Pay-per-click marketing can provide you with more targeted traffic than organic SEO. 

For example, assuming you are Endodontist and you require patients with certain tooth root ailment or issue. With the aid of a marketing technique such as PPC, you can setup and advertisement campaign that specifically targets people with tooth root issues. Or maybe, you have lots of areas and you wish that your brand is showcased in each of these areas. You can leverage on PPC to get that done with ease.