Maps marketing for attorneys NJ

Attorneys can now make their law firms visible on the maps of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yelp, etc. by simply adding their law firm to the business listing of the search engine. By appearing on the Maps when a user makes a local search for an attorney in New Jersey, more users become aware of your existence and there is certainty that you are going to be receiving more calls from potential clients. Even as it helps to build your brand, this means more clientele for you, and ultimately an increased income inflow. This is what Maps Marketing aims to serve.

Maps Marketing as a part of your local SEO strategy

Maps marketing can be seen as a part of your local SEO campaign. Your local SEO strategy involves enabling your target audience, i.e. residents of NJ who are more likely to hire a New Jersey attorney, to see and locate you easily when they make a local search using search engines. This means you would be using keywords specific to your legal area of specialization as well as your geographical area of practice (NJ). Stats already show that 46% of all searches made on Google are local, and that about 71% of users looking for an attorney think it more preferable to hire a local one. Also, by considering the fact that 85% of users use Maps to find legal service location, this evidently points to the fact that when you include Maps Marketing to your Local SEO strategy, you need not wait long before experiencing an immense boost in traffic and clientele.

Making your law firm visible on the Maps

Google accounts for 85% of all mobile searches worldwide so when you become visible on Google Maps, you are virtually covered in your Maps marketing campaign. However, you can as well use Yahoo, Yelp and Bing.

For your firm to be visible on Google Maps, all you need do is create a Google My Business (GMB) profile for your law firm. When this is done, the name will appear on the Maps as well as the list beneath the map when a search is made for an attorney in that location.

The steps for creating the profile are outlined below:

  • Through your firm’s Google account, click on “Google My Business” section.
  • When you are on the GMB page, click on “start now.”
  • You will be shown the Google Maps on this page. Simply place your cursor on the specific location where you firm can be found. If the name of your law firm appears among the businesses in that location, it means all you need to do is “claim” or verify the business. You can also type in the name of your firm on the search box. If the name doesn’t appear on the Map, then you have to create a New Business profile.
  • Check the box for your business to be visible on the Maps.
  • Then begin filling all information regarding your business such as physical location, name, your legal area of specialization, website URL, and a phone number by which you can be reached.
  • Then verify.

It is recommended you add a photo of yourself and your law firm since this gives personality to your firm.

Enhance your website with content and information

Appearing on the Maps is not the end. Stats show that about 74% of users will visit your law firm’s website in order to take action, and will bounce off the page when they find a poorly designed website or inadequate content. Therefore, an important part of your marketing strategy is how well your website is built. Also, ensure that your website is optimized for mobile viewing. Most users use mobile phones than desktops to search, so Google gives better ranking to websites that can be viewed by mobile devices that using mobile devices. Also, make sure you include to your business profile a phone number through which your prospective clients can reach you. The reason is that about 74% of users who make an online search end up contacting the law firm by phone.

Get a Legal Marketing firm to set your marketing campaign aright

Marketing is key to building any brand. With over a million lawyers in the US alone, there is a tough competition and that is why you need the best marketing strategy to beat your competitors. Our legal marketing experts NJ are here to help you craft an effective marketing strategy, putting all the market peculiarities and audience demography into consideration to ensure that your law firm is visible to the right audience who are in need of it. And we are just a call away. Contact us today.