Maps marketing for lawyers

Maps marketing is integral to any business’s success if it wants to go digital. Products and services are searched for daily on search engines, and results come up on the maps of the search engine. Our case study here is Google. When you type “pizzas near me” into Google search field, you will be provided with Google Maps on the result page, with the location of pizza joints and restaurants in proximity with you. Since these restaurants are easily accessible, you have a greater tendency to patronize them. The same is applicable to lawyers. The world has gone digital and people don’t go asking people questions anymore. They make mobile searches from the comfort of their homes. To boost your mobile presence for clients to see and locate you when they search for lawyers near them, your law firm has to appear on the Google Maps. This is what Google Maps marketing is about.

Google Maps marketing strategy for lawyers

Google Maps marketing is a strategic marketing technique to make your company visible on Google Maps on the search engine results page (SERP) when clients make local searches using keywords related to your business. Since Google is now the most widely used search engine for locating lawyers, then you have to employ this marketing strategy to increase the number of clients contacting you on a daily basis. The key to Google Maps marketing is optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) account.

Google My Business

The key to appearing on Google Maps is through the use of Google My Business Account and how well your GMB profile is optimized. It is necessary that your law firm has a GMB account with relevant, complete and updated information. Fill every field you are presented with accurate information. Specify the geographical area you offer your law services to, your website, and also your working hours.

You should include a phone number through which you could easily be contacted by clients. Including image attributes to your GMB account is crucial to Google Maps marketing.

Improve Your Google My Business Profile

Creating your GMB profile with mediocrity is one of the worst things you could do for yourself as a lawyer. Do not settle for less, but go ahead to enhance your GMB profile to become as appealing to prospective clients as possible. Add photos of your law firm and yourself as a lawyer. Research shows that businesses with photos on Google has a 32% increase in their click-through-rate. Your photos should be of high resolution.

It is also highly advantageous to you to include a link where clients can leave reviews after transacting with you. Replying to customer review is also very helpful as it makes prospective clients realize how much you care about your customers’ satisfaction.

SEO is key to Google Maps marketing for lawyers

Search engine optimization is a core aspect of every business’s marketing strategy. Your Google Maps marketing and local SEO strategy must go in line with each other since your local SEO is the prime determinant of where your business appears on a Google Maps search. You should include the following techniques into your strategy.

Include your profile in local business directories

One other effective way to go about local SEO is by listing your profile on the local Business directory in that area. Most importantly, ensure that the information you input on the listing matches exactly with that which you have created on GMB. This helps Google have a clear and consistent picture of your business, thus making it rank better.

People often search for a list of reputable lawyers in a location and if they can find your firm amongst the list, then this increases your chances of getting more transactions. Being on local business directories also helps prospective clients find you no matter the manner in which the search is made.

Get local backlinks

Backlinks are a pivotal aspect of SEO marketing just as they are to local SEO. You have to solicit for other businesses within that locale to have your link within their blogs and website where users can be redirected to your own page. This has to be done strategically, and you have to find a way that benefits both parties. An effective way to go about this is by exchanging links — a give-and-take approach. You can also speak with bloggers in that locale to write you reviews or a guest post about your law office on their blogs.