PPC Marketing for Attorneys

Marketing is a very important facet of every business. A good marketing strategy is enough to publicize your business around the world. As an attorney, you can adopt PPC marketing strategy to target a specific audience. This marketing strategy can  withdraw your practice from the darkness it has been and let it grace the spotlight where it should be! But what is this strategy all about?

PPC marketing,-which is also known as pay-per-click marketing- is a marketing strategy which is often adopted by business owners who want to raise business awareness and promote their brand. This marketing tactic is not similar to organic marketing strategy because it involves the use of money to acquire customers. It is why it is grouped under paid marketing strategy. Organic marketing aims to attract customers naturally.

PPC involves the payment of a certain fee whenever a person clicks on your advert. The payment is often made to a host. If all things work out fine, you won’t really care about those little payments you make to the host when someone click on your advert because you will be making more profit. For instance if you pay the host $5 per click, 20 clicks at $5 may land you a client who would book your service for $1,500. That’s a huge gain for you.


If maybe for some reasons, you  decide to make use of a strategy such as the organic marketing, it may cost you less amount of money-of course-but it may as well take you months or years to appear on the first page of search engine when certain keywords related to your niche is searched.

Don’t quote me wrong, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use organic marketing to raise the awareness of your practice. In fact, organic marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics out there, the only problem with this strategy has is that it doesn’t provide the desired results as fast as PPC does.


If well implemented, attorneys who leverage on this marketing technique to attract clients and make lots of cash. Well most attorneys have little or no knowledge of what PPC marketing is. In fact, many attorneys out there lack any knowledge whatsoever regarding marketing in general. These people are often preoccupied with their clients, and other related issues that they have no time to research into any marketing strategy for their practice. 

As an attorney, or a business owner in general, one thing you must know is that exist oodles of competition in the business world of today. You aren’t the only attorneys out there. In fact, there are lots of attorneys out there who may be, to a great extent, better than you. So how do you stand out and make yourself known to your potential clients? The best and easiest way is via marketing.

A good marketing strategy is enough to attracts more customers to your business and create brand awareness.


PPC-just like other marketing strategies- when well implemented, can yield good results. This method of marketing has been proven to be effective for business owners of diverse niche. Of course, implementing this strategy comes at a cost; a cost that can’t be compared to the yield. Below are a few reasons why this tactics is ideal for attorneys.

  • Quick results

Organic marketing isn’t really as fast as PPC when it comes to developing rankings for a certain keywords. It is a natural tactic so it is bound to take some time. PPC is quite different from organic SEO. If you adopt the pay-per-click marketing tactic, you will see results fast, provided you are ready to make the necessary payments that would enable you appear on the first page.

  • Assists in targeting specific patients

With the pay-per-click marketing strategy, you can target specific patients and locations as well. This particularly amazing if your brand has several locations. If you want to be more precise, you can decide to target a particular city, age group, gender, etc.