PPC marketing for dentist

Pay-per-click, which is also known as PPC is a type of marketing that business owners use get potential clients. In this type of digital advertising, you pay a particular fee to the host only when an online user clicks on your advert. With a search engine like Google, finding a new dentist is quite easy unlike before when people tend to rummage through newspapers in search of these professionals.

Though several platforms such as Bing, Facebook, YouTube, etc. offers the facility of hosting a pay-per-click campaign, Google AdWords remains the most used. The first step to take in adopting a PPC strategy as a dentist, is to map out your budget for the PPC campaign and make a bid. If your pay-per-click is in line with the requirements, Google will move your adverts to the top or the right corner of the organic search results. When someone in search of a new dental clinic clicks on your advert and gets to either your site or your landing page, you must give the host a little amount of money.

Based on research, the average value of new client is about $890 each year. If as a dentist, peradventure you fail to attract five new patients in a year, you can lose about $9,790. If you are serious with what you do, you will certainly not want to miss a single opportunity to reach out to your prospective clients and transform the lead to sales. With and effective marketing strategy like pay-per-click, you can reach such goals.


Dentist can make a substantial amount of cash from PPC advertising, but the sad news is that, most dentists have little or no knowledge of what PPC marketing is. In fact, many dentists out there lack any knowledge whatsoever regarding marketing in general. These people are often preoccupied with their clients and other related issues that they have no time to think about or research into any marketing strategy for their business.

There exist oodles of competition in the business world of today. If you want your services of product to stand out, you have to adopt an effective marketing strategy. A good marketing strategy is enough to attracts more customers to your business and create brand awareness.


PPC, just like other marketing strategies, when utilized effectively, can yield good results. This method of marketing has been proven to be effective for business owners of diverse niche. Of course, implementing this strategy comes at a cost; a cost that can’t be compared to the yield. Below are a few reasons why this tactics is ideal for dentists.

It produces rapid results

If you are a dentist who is just starting out, or you are a professional who has developed a reputable dental clinic, PPC is the best digital marketing strategy for you. Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of dental marketing. But, the ROI (return on investment) in the case of pay-per-click marketing campaign, is instant.  PPC can propel the target traffic to your site within 24 hours from the time you activated the campaign.

You pay for the clicks

Other marketing methods such as the use of advertisement platforms like print media, television, radio, etc., can’t promise that you will get a return on marketing investment (ROMI). In pay-per-click marketing, you are only required to pay when a user clicks on an advert. Therefore, a well-designed and managed pay-per-click campaign is a wise investment.

It helps in brand recognition

It is the dream of every dentist that their brand should be in the spotlights like Facebook, Amazon, and the likes. How do these people fulfil such dream? The answer is quite easy and straightforward- by adopting a marketing tactics like PPC. A topnotch pay-per-click advert brings your brand to the limelight, it also assists in creating brand awareness and by further improving the SEO campaign.

While your attention is on this post, a potential client is on his mobile device and he is typing the key term “dentist” in a search engine such as Google. The top listings in the search results are often pay-per-click ads or paid adverts. If rightly executed, you can promote your brand and make it stand out from your competitors.


Keywords: Very important. A PPC campaign can’t be a success without good keywords.

Landing page: As soon as a lead gets to your landing page, it should convert to a sale. Your landing page should be topnotch, it should boast of important contents, and it should also have a potent “call-to-action”.

Quality score index:

A good score in the quality index can offer you the best results and it is also inexpensive. A well-researched keyword lists including a topnotch landing page that leads to a god user experience are crucial characteristics of a good PPC campaign.