Social marketing involves the application of marketing and a variety of ideas and tactics to attain certain behavioral goals for the good of the social environment. In a nutshell, social marketing is the use of commercial marketing principles and strategies to change the human behavior.

For instance, this could include asking people not to litter the streets, asking them not to drive when drunk or prompting them to always drive with their seat belts on.

The main goal of this marketing strategy is “social good”, but in commercial marketing the goal is mainly “financial”. This doesn’t denote that commercial marketers cannot add to the achievement of social good. 

It is worthy to note that the primary aim of social marketing is to influence action and change behavior.


Social marketing is mostly adopted by nonprofit organizations, law firms, charity foundations, including government agencies. This marketing tactics is also utilized by emergency agencies like the police and fire dept. Sometimes, a few commercial establishments adopt social marketing tactics.


Social marketing is adopted by several businesses in several industries or niche. Lawyers, and law firms are not exempted. Below are a few ways social, marketing is applied.

  • Health promotion
  • Anti-tobacco campaigns
  • Anti-drugs campaigns
  • Anti-pollution campaigns
  • Road safety campaigns
  • Anti-dowry campaigns
  • Protection of girl child campaign
  • Human right violation campaigns
  • Campaigns stopping the use of plastic bags
  • Green marketing campaigns


Several people are unaware of what social marketing is, they are also in the dark regarding the benefits that comes with using this marketing tactics. Well, unlike other prominent marketing strategies, social marketing is quite new. If well utilized, this tool can be a great asset.

The benefits that comes with the use of social marketing can be overwhelming for a business, but to ensure that it yields the best result, you have to ensure that it is used in the best way. As an attorney, you can make use of this strategy to increase the popularity of your business over the internet. This can be done with the aid of several social media platforms such as blogs, video and photo sharing websites, social marketing websites, etc.

There exist about six advantages of social marketing that makes it one of the best tool to any marketing campaign.

  1. It helps promote consumption of socially desirable products.
  2. It helps enhance health consciousness in individuals and assist them to embrace a healthier lifestyle
  3. It assists in green marketing initiatives
  4. Social marketing helps to eliminate social crimes influences the society and quality of life.
  5. This marketing strategy is regarded as the cheapest of all marketing strategies
  6. Social marketing strategy can be adopted by anyone right from the comfort of their home; this remains on of the best advantages of this marketing tactics. 

                               SOCIAL MARKETING FOR ATTORNEYS?

From the definition of social marketing, you should be able to deduce how social marketing assist attorneys. Social marketing helps attorneys increase brand awareness and promote their law firm or the service they offer.

These individual make use of social media platforms to promulgate their business so as to attract potential clients.  Also, and most importantly, they use it to impact on the social environment in a positive way. The services these attorneys render is usually free.


  • This unique tactic influences a huge percentage of the priority population
  • It spurs behavioral change over a certain period of time
  • Facilitates change with little resources
  • Helps in the creation of amazing ideas
  • Community collaboration becomes a huge value that compensates for restricted funds
  • Increases the voice of the priority mass and raises community identification
  • Affects policy and enhances positive social change

Social Marketing functions within limits

Social marketing doesn’t always turn out to be a success. If the behavioral changes you are clamoring for are deemed to be unbeneficial, unacceptable, and unattainable by the priority population, it may not be worth it to develop a social marketing campaign at that particular period. In a situation like that, it is advisable that you introduce a behavioral change recommendation. The behavioral change recommendation should be done by creating connections with community then afterwards striking an agreement  on a particular goal before you go ahead to make plans regarding a social marketing campaign.