What is Google Maps marketing?

Google Maps marketing has to do with building your company’s digital presence on Google Maps. It has to do with making that business of yours detectable by Google, such that when users within your area search for that particular product or service you offer, your business pops up among the search results. By making your business feature on Google Maps when searches are carried out in your area, there arises a significantly high assurance of pulling traffic to yourself, thus ultimately increasing your sales.  Merely seeing the name of your company or shop pop on Google Maps has a way of building the confidence of your potential customers in you. Google Maps marketing is one step in giving your enterprise long-term viability.

The truth is that to make that business rank high such that Google detects its existence, your business profile has to be well optimized.

The Importance of Google Maps Marketing

It is worthy of note that more than three and a half billion searches are made on Google daily. Statistics also show that approximately 76% of people making local Google search for products and services in for it in that locality, then there is a certainty of some of those searches converting to sales. This greatly boosts your revenue inflow.

Maps Marketing affects how search engines see and rate your enterprise

When your company name and location has gained visibility on the search engine’s Map, the engine begins to see your brand as a trusted one and it then brings you to the forefront of organic search results. This is where the relevance and quality of your content becomes highly important than. When your company is seen on Google Maps by a searcher and that individual sees your web link to your page on the organic search results, that person is instinctively driven to go through what you have on your page. If they find quality and relevant content, then the likelihood of patronizing you is almost certain. On the other hand, if all they find on your page is low quality of and irrelevant content, then they instantly back out and continue their search. In this light, we can ideally say that Maps Marketing and SEO marketing are as equally vital when combined to the success of your company.

Google My Business (GMB)

What is GMB?

Google My Business is a technical approach to make Google know about the existence of your business. GMB listing puts your business among Google’s list of businesses in that local area, and is a core aspect of Google Maps marketing. GBM t doesn’t require money to create.

How to set up GMB listing

  1. Sign into your Google account and go to your business profile
  2. You may find that your business listing has already been automatically created by Google due to your business profile. If so, confirm or make corrections where necessary. If the listing has not been created, do that.
  3. Input all required information
  4. Input your business into the correct category it falls under and include a phone number
  5. You then have to verify the account with a Google account.
  6. Ensure all your inputs are correct and Include high resolution images.

What you need to do to rank higher on Google Maps

There are certain factors that Google Maps consider before ranking you among local search results. The Primary factor considered is the nearness of your company to the individual making the local search, and the search must refer to your company category for it to pop up.

The information you input when preparing your GMB listing is of utmost importance as well. The accuracy and completeness of the information distinguishes you from your competitors.

Then, you can never remove good reviews from the equation. Bad reviews mean bad services, so when you have good reviews Google recognizes the quality of your service and ranks your business higher.

So how do I get good reviews?

Simply create a section of your page which prompts customers to leave their reviews on Google immediately after completing a transaction with you.

Using Maps marketing as a lawyer

As a lawyer, it is crucial to know that Maps marketing ia a vital and effective marketing strategy to pull clients your way. In the digital world as we know it today, people are more inclined to make a mobile search for an Attorney near them than asking a friend. From the comfort of one’s room, one can easily type in “estate planning attorney near me” to search for an estate planning lawyer close by who he or she can easily meet and discuss estate planning issues with. When your law firm along with your page link, contact info and positive reviews show up on the Map on the result page of their mobile search, they will be more inclined to contact you because of that reputation you have thus built.