With PPC, a lawyer can generate several leads in a short period of time. This marketing strategy is quite different from SEO because it is capable of providing you with clients without much waiting. This marketing tactics also allows your brand to be displayed on websites when a certain keyword is inputted on a search engine like Google.

This means that, with an effective PPC campaign, when a potential client searches for a keyword like “Attorney near me”, you will likely be amongst one of the first five search result, if not the very first. And most times, these clients often select who they find on the first page of the search result. In fact, a huge percentage often go for whosoever appears first on the search result.

So, what is PPC? PPC is simply an advertising that requires you to pay a certain amount of cash to the host in order for your advertisement to be displayed on the first page of a search engine when a certain keyword is searched. This keyword ranges from anything regarding the service you offer. It could be Attorneys, Estate attorneys, attorneys near me, etc.

Pay-per-click is also regarded as pay ads; this is simply because whenever a person clicks on your advert, you have to pay the host a specific amount of cash. 


Companies who advertise PPC, often take part in what is regarded as automated auction. This auction happens whenever an individual inserts a certain keyword in the search bar of a search engine, probably Google.

Lots of law firms make a bid for a certain keyword. The bid is the max amount of cash they are ready to release when a click is made on their advert. For instance, let’s assume your law firm wants to bid on the keyword “Attorney near me”.

This denotes that you are fighting for the top listings on the first page when an individual enters that keyword in the search bar. Anyone who is ready to pay the highest amount of cash each time an individual selects the advert can raise their brand awareness.


There exit three important or primary categories of PPC campaigns that all attorneys should consider:

The Display ad campaigns

Aside from displaying adverts in the search results, Google also liaise with several websites to create a network known as Google Display Network (GDN). GDN is a network where Google can showcase adverts. This amazing network covers more than 2 million webpages that are visible to more than 90 prevent of individuals on the net.

Search adverts campaigns:

The search advert campaigns are shown near Google search results when people insert the name of a certain product or services you offer in the search bar. It is then left for you to pay a certain amount of money when the person clicks on your site of puts a call across to your law firm.

Remarketing Campaigns

Also known as retargeting, this type of campaign is a feature that enables you to display adverts to former visitors of your website. You can create your bids in a way that they meet the needs of these visitors including other search engine sites.


Enhanced targeting:

With a marketing strategy like the PPC, you can make use of several forms of targeting to ensure that your adverts are displayed to the right audience. Targeting is quite significant because it helps you get to online users who can eventually become your new customers. Targeting also prevents you from lavishing money on unimportant clicks.

Increases Brand awareness:

The market has always been crammed with fierce competition. As an attorney, the best way to stand out from the competition is by adopting a good marketing strategy such as PPC. PPC will ensure that you appear on the first listing on Google whenever a certain keyword is being searched. This will eventually boost brand awareness and provide you with more customers.

Though PPC requires that you pay a certain amount of money when someone clicks your advert. Whatever amount of money you pay, is actually worth it because you will likely get a significant return when that customer requests for your service.