Maps marketing: How New Jersey Lawyers can up their game

Do you notice how the names and location of restaurants pop up on Google Maps on the search results when you search for restaurants near you? And do you remember how you hurriedly made an order or even visited the restaurant after seeing the positive reviews plus how close it is to your location? All of that was made possible through Maps marketing. Just the same way people search for restaurants, doctors, or plumbers near them, so many are in search of an attorney close enough to their physical location. When your law firm becomes visible on the Maps when they search, what does that mean? You guessed right. More clients and more revenue for you!

The effectiveness of maps marketing for lawyers NJ

Research shows that a considerable percentage of searches made for attorneys are local. This is because clients likely would look for a lawyer who practices in the same state or county in which they live because of the obvious legal disparity across different locations. It therefore follows that you will have increased clientele coming your way when New Jersey residents make a search for a local attorney. But to be on the Map of a search engine, it is not enough to own a firm in NJ. Your firm must be in the search engine’s listing. On Google, your law firm must be included in Google My Business Listing. So how do you get your firm on the listing?

Google My Business

You can add your business information to Google Maps by simply creating a Google My Business profile. Whatever information you input is what will be displayed across Google search and Maps. To do this:

  • Log on to Google My Business using your law firm’s email address.
  • Then type in your firm’s name. It is possible that as you type, you find that your firm is already in Google’s business listing. If it is, simply claim the listing and edit your information. If not, proceed with the following steps.
  • Click on the link given to add your business.
  • You will be asked if you want your business to be visible on Google Maps. Of course that’s what you want.
  • Enter the physical address of your law firm (a geographical location in NJ). You can also do this by placing a marker on the specific point on the Maps provided.
  • Select your appropriate business category.
  • Now, proceed to fill all required information about your business such as your firm’s name, phone number, web URL, and your physical address. Note that all information you put here must be consistent across all other platforms since Google demands consistency in order to rank your business.
  • Cross check all your information for accuracy.
  • Proceed to verify the account.

Once done, your law firm will now appear on the Maps and the listing beneath the map on the SERP when a local search is made relating to your law practice.

Include photos

Studies show that businesses with photos enjoy about 35% increase in traffic. It is, therefore, highly recommended that you include your personal photo as a lawyer and that of your law firm in your Business profile. These photos help to personalize your profile and bring you closer to your audience.

Reviews matter

An important aspect of Maps Marketing is reviews and rating. Below the Maps presented on the results page, the companies on the Map are listed alongside their reviews and average star rating. As these are visible to the user, they affect their confidence level. A company with positive reviews and a high rating is regarded as highly competent and so receives more traffic. For this reason, you should endeavor to include an automated system on your website in which your clients can leave you reviews after dealing with you.

Respond to reviews

Google strongly advises businesses to respond to customer reviews. This shows how much you care about the satisfaction of your customers and in turn it throws a positive light upon your firm.

Local SEO

Maps marketing should be an inclusion to your overall local SEO marketing campaign.  This is because it is local SEO that determines where you appear on the Map. For that reason, you would need content on your website which your audience would find relevant to their search. Here, you would need the assistance of local bloggers and other more popular companies to either write you guest posts or include your website link on their blogs and website. Also include your law firm in local business directories. This way, you gain more exposure to be noticed by your audience who are searching for you.