Local Marketing for Lawyers NJ: Building your brand

There are so many marketing strategies employed by different lines of business. The paramount thing to make a marketing campaign effective is to know what marketing strategy works best for that particular line of business. In this article, we shall be discussing the effectiveness and importance of local marketing to lawyers, and the various local marketing strategies that can be employed.

Effectiveness and importance of local marketing to lawyers

For law firms, most lawyers are known to offer their legal services within their geographical location. This is because of the variation of laws and statutes as you move from one location to another. According to FindLaw, about 71% of users who search for an attorney online thinks it best to hire one that serves their locale. What this means in effect is that the best marketing strategy for lawyers is local marketing. Through local marketing, law firms can make themselves available online when local searches are been made for local attorneys. By so doing, there is more clientele for the company and ultimately more revenue.

Note: A study by FindLaw shows that about 80% of users who make a local search for an attorney end up contacting a law firm and consequently hiring.

Effective local marketing strategies that can be employed by lawyers in NJ

1. Appearing on the Maps through Google My Business

According to a 2013 study by FindLaw, about 85% of users searching for a local attorney search using online maps. And Google as a search engine constitutes 85% of total online searches made. This means that if you can be present on Google Maps when a user searches for a local attorney, you evidently would be having more clients coming your way. Beneath the Maps on the search engine results page, there is a listing of local law firms practicing in that territory, along with their reviews and rating.

To be visible on Google Maps and this listing, all you need do is create a Google My Business (GMB) account.

Creating a GMB profile is free. Simply sign in to your firm’s Google account and click on My Business. Include all information regarding your law firm (name, legal area of specialization, physical address, phone number and URL).

2. Include reviews on your website

Reviews are important when it comes to building a brand. When users see positive reviews alongside a brand, they see a competent and reliable brand. Ensure you include a segment on your website where clients can leave reviews and rating after being served by you. Keep your clients satisfied, and endeavor to build loads of positive reviews.

Alongside your business profile on the business listing beneath Google Maps, your average star rating will be displayed and users can see your reviews. When they see positivity, they are more likely to hire.

3. Local SEO

Since law is a wide professional, almost every professional lawyer is specialized in at least one area of specialization. You must include your area of specialization because users are likely to specify what kind of attorney they want. A user in NJ who requires help from a lawyer in creating an estate plan will likely search for “estate planning lawyer NJ”. When you include your legal area of specialization in your business profile, then your law firm will be displayed on the SERP when a search is made using such keywords.

4. Content is king

Remember that about 74% of users who see your profile in the local business listing are likely to check out your website before hiring. If they meet a website lacking of quality content, they are likely to back out without taking any action. Therefore, you must endeavor to publish quality content like blog posts, videos, etc. using special keywords specific to your area of practice. This also helps your SEO.

5. Optimize your content using SEO

In creating content, you should work towards making your website rank higher on Google search. This is done by optimizing your page and content using SEO keywords. Your Meta title, description and content of each page should contain keywords which a user likely would type when searching for that particular service you are offering, or the issue you are addressing with the content. This helps Google identify how relevant the content is to the user, and so place it on the first page of the SERP.

6. Get backlinks

Backlinks are important in local marketing. Try to get your backlinks on other popular blogs and websites which your target audience often frequent.

Get an expert to do it for you

A lot of lawyers out there are more about their practice and less into marketing. We understand this, and that is why our law firm comprises experts who are proficient in the art of legal local marketing. We will help in reviewing your marketing plan to see if it meets up to expectation, or help you craft a perfectly designed local marketing plan that works best for New Jersey lawyers. Simply contact us today.