Organic marketing for lawyers: marketing your law firm in NJ

When lawyers put their feet forward into the world of marketing, many are faced with the dilemma of what marketing strategy to employ that would be highly effective for lawyers. Some are only accustomed to paid marketing and are quite confused when they hear the term organic marketing. So what is Organic Marketing?

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is a marketing strategy where through the use of SEO content rather than paid ads, you draw traffic naturally and organically over time. While paid and unpaid (organic) marketing have the same goal of bringing clients to your website, organic marketing offers a more long-term association between your clients and your law firm. You do not pay to bid for keywords which your clients are known to search for, and this saves you cost. Here, you create and publish educative content using optimized keywords that your audience are known to search for. When they come across such content, they are educated on such topics, and this helps in engaging your audience.

How does organic marketing work for lawyers in NJ?

Organic marketing must be built into your law firm’s SEO marketing because of that closeness which it brings between the lawyer and the client. People make use of search engines to ask questions which borders on the laws of their locale, and when you can provide them with contents that educate them on such issues, they have this feeling that this is a lawyer they can trust. This is why, as a lawyer, your content must be interactive enough. This is because clients do not just hire lawyers that they cannot discuss with. They need someone who can understand them, advise and/or represent them.

How lawyers can employ organic marketing for optimum effectiveness

It should be understood that organic marketing does not always follow a one-size-fits-all approach. What works for a law firm in some other state may not work for your law firm in New Jersey. However, there are benchmarks that are required for every effective organic marketing campaign.

1. Create engaging content

The key to organic marketing is content. Your content can be a blog post, infographics or social media video, but how well your content resonates with your audience goes a long way in creating a comfortable atmosphere between yourself and the audience. This is why you should use the right medium and content for the right audience. Since your audience are looking for someone to simplify the law into an interesting and engaging educational topic, that is exactly what your content should be. Keep the legal jargons for the courtroom.

2. Get backlinks and promotions

In organic marketing, you are not paying for your page to be at the top of the search results. The truth is it may take some time before your audience starts noticing your page among the results at all. This is why you may need to solicit to other well-known companies and websites to publicize your page on your behalf and include your web links on their web pages. You should also get your lawyers to share your content through their personal social media accounts.

3. Your website should be customized for mobile

A study in 2015 revealed that mobile searches far outnumbered desktop searches. Also, Google gives more preference and rank to websites that are easily adjustable to a mobile UI. It therefore goes without saying that your website must be designed to be mobile and user-friendly so it can rank well on Google.

4. Local SEO

An effective marketing strategy for lawyers is taking advantage of local SEO. New Jersey residents are known to search for attorneys and law firms in NJ that they can easily get access to. It therefore means that you must optimize your content using local SEO. It must be highlighted that using keywords specific to both your geographical and legal area of practice is highly important.

5. Google My Business

Also, be sure to create a Google My Business profile. This is free. Simply sign into your law firm’s Google account, and include your law firm in the listing (if you find your business already in the listing, simply claim it); ensure all information regarding your law firm are accurately filled out. Your My Business profile enables your law firm to show up on Google Maps when a local search is made using keywords specific to your area of practice. Also do this for other search engines like Yelp, Yahoo, etc., and ensure that all data are consistent across all the search engines.

Get a legal marketing firm to do it for you

We understand that organic marketing is a time-consuming strategy and that is why we are here to take the load off your shoulders. We, as a legal marketing firm in NJ, are proficient in designing an effective organic marketing plan that is appropriate for your particular line of business. Having the idea alone is not enough but implementation. We work to ensure that all necessary tactics of the marketing campaign designed are implemented accordingly, and also reduce the time you would have required to get results when going it alone.

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