Content marketing for lawyers NJ: Stepping up your game

Over the years, the game of marketing has experienced dynamic changes. These days, to win returning customers to yourself, it is no longer all about advertising your product or services as is typical of traditional marketing (although this approach must still be employed in your marketing campaign for optimum effect). Now, marketing has a lot to do with drawing your customers closer to yourself through consistent interaction. This interaction is done by engaging your potential customers with content that are relevant to them, content which borders on issues affecting your would-be clients. And this is what content marketing is all about.

Content marketing focuses on your audience, and not your law firm

To do content marketing is to find out what questions your audience is asking on search engines. When you know this, you then have to create and publish content which answers such questions and solve their problems. As a lawyer, content marketing is never about putting your law firm or your law practice at the forefront of your marketing campaign, but engaging your audience in legal topics that they are in need of. By consistently publishing relevant content through your law firm’s website, your audience becomes more familiar with your law firm. You are thereby building their trust and confidence and in the long run, your audience becomes your clientele.

Why content marketing is important for NJ lawyers

The greater portion of the populace has very little knowledge about their state laws. With almost every person owning a smartphone or computer, people no longer go asking their neighbors questions regarding legal issues. They make their queries on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. From a 2013 Google survey, it was discovered that about 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine. As law is a very complex field, people who make searches are looking for a simple enough explanation from an attorney on Google. Now when you offer quality articles on such legal topics, explaining the law in simple language, your audience are more inclined to regard you as a lawyer highly knowledgeable and competent in the practice. Now it is an obvious fact that a client is more likely to hire a lawyer in their own state because of the lawyer’s proficiency in the legal affairs of that state. This is why as a lawyer practicing in New Jersey, you must tailor your content to legal issues peculiar to NJ. Your audience therefore would be residents of NJ, and they are likely to hire you when they need consultancy or legal representation.

Content marketing tips for lawyers, NJ

Answering their questions through articles does not make your audience any less likely to hire you

A common question among lawyers is “if I answer the questions of my would-be clients through my content, would they still have any reason to hire?” To answer this, you first must know that content marketing is about building a network of loyal customers by engaging them in legal topics. Answering their legal questions and solving their issues online serves to build their trust and confidence in you as a competent Attorney. This is why the tone of your content should be engaging and friendly. When they perceive this, they are more likely to hire you when they are involved in a case.

The tone of your content should be engaging and simple

As law is complex, your audience requires someone who can break it down to a simple and engaging topic using clear and concise language, not legal jargon. When you can do this, you have won yourself a loyal fan base who trusts in your ability to discuss with them with a cordial air.

Your content should be up-to-date

As laws are ever changing due to amendments, it is vital that your content is up-to-date with the new laws. Also, you should find trending topics which your audience is asking about. When you publish content on such issues, they are sure to meet an excited audience.

Your content should not be boring

Boring your audience with sections and subsections is never a good idea. It bounces readers off your page. You can use interesting cases and infographics, but all these must be relevant to the topic and the audience.

The content should be relevant to the audience

Because you practice a special aspect of law does not mean you should write on every single topic on that aspect. As have been stated, content marketing is specifically focused on your audience and thus, it is only topics which your audience will receive with open arms that you should publish. This is why you must carry out research about what legal issues your audience is desirous to garner knowledge on.