PPC marketing for lawyers NJ

What is PPC marketing?

Have you ever made a search for a product or service provider and see web results at the top of the SERP with “Ad” clearly written beside them? Those ads get to the top of the results page because they are paid for. PPC marketing is a type of such paid marketing in which the marketer pays each time a user clicks on the ads, hence the name pay-per-click (PPC). New Jersey lawyers can get noticed instantly by their target audience through PPC marketing. Our marketing experts are proficient in assisting law firms to get their marketing campaign right. You can contact us.

Why PPC is the right thing to do now

In fact, PPC marketing is the fastest way to get yourself right in front of the right target audience who are ready to hire. As soon as your ads are created and published on Google, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine, your ads will appear at the top the search results when a user makes a search using the keywords you bid for. PPC gives you immediate visibility to your potential clients. If you have started an SEO marketing campaign, then adding a paid marketing campaign like PPC is the best thing that can ever happen to your law firm.

PPC for lawyers requires serious thought

As a lawyer delving into the world of PPC advertising, you have to be ready to go all the way and spend a considerable sum. But the bottom line is that you yield an impressive ROI at the end of the day, and that is why you must give serious thought into the keywords you bid for.

For your ad to appear at the top of the SERP, you must bid for keywords. These keywords must be such that connote the willingness and readiness of the searcher to hire. For example, if you bid a keyword like “probate”, you likely would get a high click-through-rate but at the end of the day nobody hires you because a lot of these searches are made from another part of the world. Since clients prefer hiring a local attorney, it is more lucrative to bid for a keyword like “probate attorneys in New Jersey”. This way, you are sure that anybody making such a search is ready to hire. (About 71% of users deem it important to hire a local attorney).

Choosing keywords

In bidding for keywords, there are research and calculations you need to make. Find out what keywords your successful competitors are bidding on. Although you shouldn’t plagiarize, but you should simulate what’s beneficial.

After knowing what keywords to bid on, you should then calculate your budget and match this with the expected returns. Supposing your conversion rate is about 3% in a month, that means for a 100 clicks your ads will probably bring in 3 leads (clients) in that month. Say, each client is worth $3,000 to your law firm: that results to $9,000 for that month. If for that month you have gotten 100 click-throughs and for each click you pay $50, you have therefore spent $5,000. Comparing that with the income you have earned, you have made a $4,000 profit. This means that your PPC marketing is viable.

That being said, it becomes imperative that you bid for keywords which only lead to a hire. When you bid for broader keywords, you end up having high click-throughs which you are going to pay for without making any conversion.

Monitoring the cost-per-click

Remember that there are over a million lawyers in the United States alone with a very high competition. Note that just as you are monitoring your competitors, they are watching you as well. As your business begins to grow through PPC, your competitors might find out your keywords and decide to outbid you if they have the resources. Such acts increase the cost-per-click, so you would need to know how much you are ready to spend.

Enhancing your website

Do not go into PPC and neglect your website. How well your website is built is one of the things clients look for in hire-worthy lawyers. Bring in quality to your website and include a phone number by which you can be reached. On your ads, include a URL which redirects to a landing page. This landing page should be well-designed to compel the user, and there should be a strong and compelling call to action.

Our legal marketing experts are here to help

So are you ready to kick-off your marketing campaign? Remember that marketing is the key to building a brand. Let our legal experts help you in designing a strong and effective marketing plan, one that conjoins SEO, organic marketing, and paid advertising. Be the lawyer your clients are searching for and watch your law firm grow. Contact us via our phone number.